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Five cabinet level agencies are housed on Fort Detrick and the National Cancer Institute occupies approximately 68 acres of adjoining land that was transferred from the Defense Department to Health and Human Services with the launch of the United States ‘war on cancer’.

Beyond close proximity, these agencies’ missions apply biotechnology in pursuit of health protection and medical advances. Unprecedented levels of federal inter-agency cooperation and coordination are reflected in the National Interagency Biodefense Campus and National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research.

For a full listing of all of the Mission Partners on the Fort Detrick Campus click here.

The City of Frederick is proud of its long relationship with Fort Detrick, and its allied federal agencies, and the important role it plays in the economic health of our community, and its strategic role in the health and safety of our nation. Our support for the Fort Detrick Alliance, as a founding sponsor, is a natural extension as we work to forge and sustain community partnerships, between the public and private sectors, for our mutual benefit.
Mayor Michael C. O’ConnorMayorThe City of Frederick

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