Fort Detrick Alliance - Fort Detrick Alliance kicks off our summer series “Think with BINK,”

Fort Detrick Alliance kicks off our summer series “Think with BINK,”

30 minute STEM education programs for grades 1-5 presented at two Frederick County Public Library branches: C. Burr Artz and Urbana Regional

The Fort Detrick Alliance, in partnership with the Frederick County Public Library, proudly announces:

“Think with BINK,” a STEM education program for Kids Grades 1-5

The program for July is:

  • Brett Beitzel, PhD – U. S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, MD and
  • Peter Hobart, PhD – University of Maryland, College Park

Where Can I Find My DNA and What Does It Look Like? 

All plants and animals are made up of many types of tissues.  These tissues differ because they are constructed from different types of cells.  All cells contain particles called chromosomes and these chromosomes contain the genes which are the source of information for making the cells found in tissues.   So genesdetermine the type of tissue (hair, bone, eye)the color of the tissue (hair, eyes), the size of the tissue (legs, nose, fingers), and whether or not you are going to lose your hair when you grow old.  All genes are composed of DNA which encodes the instructions for making all these differences between tissues, color, and aging.   So DNA is necessary for your body to work properly.

With that in mind, we are going try to isolate DNA from a few of your cells and show you what your DNA looks like.  We are also going to do an experiment to prove that the DNA you isolated came from your body.  

Advance registration is required:  FCPL Event Calendar 

  •    Urbana Regional Library: call (301) 600-7000 to register
  •    C. Burr Artz Public Library: call (301) 600-1630 to register
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The City of Frederick is proud of its long relationship with Fort Detrick, and its allied federal agencies, and the important role it plays in the economic health of our community, and its strategic role in the health and safety of our nation. Our support for the Fort Detrick Alliance, as a founding sponsor, is a natural extension as we work to forge and sustain community partnerships, between the public and private sectors, for our mutual benefit.
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