Fort Detrick Alliance - Alliance hiring a new Executive Director

Alliance hiring a new Executive Director

The Fort Detrick Alliance is hiring a new Executive Director

The position is being advertised and managed by Frederick County Workforce Services.

To apply, email cover letter and resume to: (subject line: Executive Director)

Deadline is April 28, 2017

This position is solely responsible for the strategic and day-to-day support to the Fort Detrick Alliance Board of Directors (BOD) and Alliance Membership. The Alliance is a Maryland 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Job Description

Goals and Objectives:

1. Management:

Implement and carry out an overall strategic plan for the Fort Detrick Alliance (FDA) developed by the Board of Directors (BOD); develop the overall yearly budget that reflects the goals of the BOD, in concert with the Treasurer; coordinate and attend Executive Committee and Full Board meetings each month. Attend Committee Meetings as necessary and practical.

2. Plan and manage Alliance fundraising, social, and networking events:

  • Work with the Program Committee to plan and execute events, including registration for events
  • Obtain Sponsorship for appropriate events
  • Provide after action reports to include an executive summary, attendance report, finance report and lessons learned.

3. Develop and carry out strategic marketing plans for expansion: Manage and grow FDA Membership and perform FDA outreach activities; Develop and maintain good relationships with FDA members, local Fort Detrick leadership, government and community representatives, educational institutions, and other entities that impact Alliance activities and sustainment; Develop and coordinate FDA public relations efforts. This includes the creation and distribution of press releases, marketing communications, marketing products, annual report, and other appropriate materials; Respond to inquiry and public/private petitions

4. Manage Social/Digital Media: Coordinate and edit Alliance Website; update and maintain other digital media; Maintain and update web-based membership list, as required

5. Provide Administrative Support and Oversight: Maintain accurate accounting records using appropriate software and review financial reports with the President and Treasurer on a monthly basis; Ensure Members’ invoices are sent in a timely manner to prevent lapse in memberships; Prepare and submit Maryland Department of Commerce annual grant requests and quarterly submissions for funding on behalf of the Alliance Board of Directors; Update organizational documents, such as Board of Directors information and terms of office, committee membership; Manage and oversee work of contractors and volunteers, as required. (Supervise and establish an annual performance plan, and perform an annual performance evaluation for the FDA administrative assistant, if one exists)

Comply with laws and regulations as specified in the FDA Charter and By-Laws.

Perform other duties as assigned.

Incentive: Increase in funds based on fundraising and/or membership growth may allow for hiring of additional staff

Skills Required:  Excellent communication skills; fundraising, event planning, social/digital media, non-profit organization management; proficiency in MS Office, QuickBooks Online, Constant Contact, 24Watch (data base)

Highly desired: Veteran or former federal government civilian with longevity and experience working with senior military and federal government leadership, especially senior leadership at Fort Detrick. Some knowledge and experience of the operations of local government will be considered in selection.

Time and work expectations:  This is a salaried position with flexible working hours.  Fort Detrick Alliance activities may require working some evenings and weekend days.  This position does not require you to keep a time sheet. Duties, other than meetings, events, and other specific requirements, may be performed in a home environment.

Holidays and Vacation Time:  All federal holidays will be considered holidays for your position.  In coordination and agreement with the President 3 weeks of annual vacation will be authorized.

Outside Employment:  Should the Executive Director desire outside employment it must be coordinated and may not interfere with your participation in FDA events without prior coordination and agreement with the President.  The President must be advised regarding the nature of this employment in order to preclude perceived and/or actual conflicts of interest or time commitment.

Annual Review:  The President shall conduct an annual performance review for the Executive Director.  This annual review may be conducted in coordination with the BOD by appointing an ad hoc committee to meet with the Executive Director and provide input to the President for his/her final review.  The President’s annual review will be presented to the BOD along with any recommendations for adjustment in compensation or job responsibilities.

Compensation:  The annual salary for the Executive Director shall be determined based on skills, knowledge, ability and history of employment. The salary will range between $50K-$65K and will be paid on a bi-weekly basis.  No additional benefits are provided.

Termination:  The Executive Director is an “at will” Employee of the FDA BOD.  Either party may terminate the Employment Agreement with a minimum of two weeks’ notice.  More than 2 weeks’ notice would generally be appreciated to allow for the orderly transition of the Executive Directors responsibilities.  Both parties agree to work for an orderly transition.

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The City of Frederick is proud of its long relationship with Fort Detrick, and its allied federal agencies, and the important role it plays in the economic health of our community, and its strategic role in the health and safety of our nation. Our support for the Fort Detrick Alliance, as a founding sponsor, is a natural extension as we work to forge and sustain community partnerships, between the public and private sectors, for our mutual benefit.
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